The Santos Family Tree: Edit

Hernando Santos (deceased)

m. Maria [Last name unknown] [dissolved]
c. Miguel Santos Sr. (deceased)
m. Carmen [Last name unknown] [dissolved]
c. Mick Santos (deceased)
c. Daniel "Danny" Santos
m. Michelle Bauer [divorced; first time]
c. Unnamed daughter (deceased)
c. Robert "Robbie" Santos
m. Michelle Bauer [divorced; second time]
a. Michelle Bauer
c. Hope Santos
m. Michelle Bauer [married; third time]
c. Pilar Santos
a. Selena Davis
c. Miguel Santos Jr. {given up for adoption}
c. Frederico Santos (deceased)
m. Luz [Last name unknown] [dissolved] (deceased)
c. Raymondo "Ray" Santos
c. Antonio "Tony" Santos (deceased)
m. Catalina Quesada [dissolved] (deceased)
c. Unnamed son (deceased)

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